Five Film Picks for Getting Away While You’re Stuck at Home

Times are weird right now and staying in and having plans cancelled almost every day can easily get you down. If you are someone like me and look forward to winter’s end for the dawn of spring and summer it can be extra tough. Hopefully things get back to normal sooner rather than later and we can get the chance to enjoy this wonderful time of year. Until then I’ve included a random list of classic favorites that bring to mind travel, adventure, fun and thrills. Enjoy!

To Catch a Thief

The cinematography in this Hitchcock classic is truly something to marvel at as it is a great love letter to the south of France. Cary Grant stars alongside Grace Kelly in this tale of jewel thieves and international intrigue. Edith Head wardrobes Miss Kelly in some of her most memorable costumes of their pairings from Kelly’s Hitchcock outings (the gold ball gown in the film’s finale is something to behold in its fashion majesty).


Sullivan’s Travels

Sometimes the best way to get out and see the world is when you have no set itinerary in mind to be beholden to. That is the case in Preston Sturges’ classic comedic romp, as slightly dis-enchanted rising director John L. Sullivan looks for authentic inspiration for his next project. Sullivan much to his studio’s chagrin wants another comedy whereas he wants to make a film that says something about humanity and the sorrows of people’s plights. Taking matters into his own hands he goes off on his own and after a run-in with Veronica Lake (known simply as “The Girl”). Hijinks abound as a cat and mouse game between Sullivan and the studio ensues as they try to track him on his hobo escapade. Topped off with an uplifting message in the final act that may be particularly needed during these current times.


Two for the Road

Though the story of a couple’s crumbling marriage may not be the lightest fare the locations and visuals of this film delight and are sure to cheer one’s self up. Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney journey across southern France as this film shows us snippets that take place over 12 years. From their fun little roadsters to Hepburn’s wardrobe which boasts all the hottest designers of 1960s fashion their is plenty to gleam from this romantic dramedy to give plenty of inspiration for future travels (minus the relationship troubles of course).


La Dolce Vita

Quite possibly one of Federico Fellini’s most beloved and talked about films and although I have only seen it once it is one that sticks with you long after. Marcello Mastroianni is cast here as a journalist and hopeful writer as he ventures through the dazzling city of Rome. Told in an episodic format we encounter all the colorful characters and the intriguing society that are found within the heart of this grand city alongside our protagonist himself. The film also offers a commentary on celebrity culture and at the time was especially prevalent when Italy and particularly Rome was the hotspot for many films and their stars.


Moon Over Miami

Moon Over Miami delivers location as well as humor being a film that took full advantage of the height of Technicolor. Betty Grable fronts the film alongside Don Ameche, Robert Cummings and Carol Landis in this fun and romantic romp. Two sisters and their aunt decide to use the much smaller inheritance they receive for a trip to Miami in hopes of snagging rich husbands that will turn their luck around. Taking place at a snazzy beachside hotel we are treated to song and dance numbers and cupid’s arrow may take a few detours but ends where it needs to for a pleasant and romantic conclusion. As the film ends you may be pleasantly surprised and thankful for the brief time taken away from news and real world concerns.


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