Snowy Day in the Neighborhood

A snap of our neighborhood, Sunnyside in the snow – Oct 22nd 2020

Jeremy recently obtained the latest album from Bob Dylan, it plays in the background as I write. It’s very good. Calming, and serene. It is the end of October yet it is snowing outside. I’m still getting used to Canada’s early start to winter, it may not be my favorite type of weather but what matters is the important stuff inside. Where I’m from it is likely still mild with warm colored leaves still clinging to the trees. But my heart is no longer there and hasn’t been for quite some time, it is here and here it shall remain. These months of pandemic living have given plenty of time for reflection and wanting to create either came in quick bursts or stayed away for long periods. Just too hard to feel inspired sometimes when the world outside feels foreign and set on pause. But today I feel like writing and writing I will do. If you are at all familiar with my blog it is mostly a home for film talk but I want to at times include other writings as well. That is what this is.

As I said it is snowing outside right now as evening slowly creeps in as the clock ticks later and later. It has been snowing on and off for a few days now so the city outside has a good coat of bright white painted over it with the colors of summer and autumn faded away and muted. I don’t mind it at times and the evenings are probably best when the world inside our abode feels closed in and warm, while the energy outside feels quiet and still. Other times the city feels and looks a bit sad, it has since this all started back in March. Makes one dream of exodus to somewhere else as if somewhere else will provide an oasis from the current worldly problems. But it is everywhere so we wait and we make the best of the present while hoping for a future that is hopefully not too far away where normalcy will return once more.

It is snowing outside. It was planned to go to the grocery store but we have decided to stick close to home. Dinner will be ordered in and a nice evening will likely follow. We have developed a new routine in these past few months. A quiet routine, but nice and helps us get by. The time at times feels like it moves slow but then also fast. Some days feel slow but realizing October is now almost over makes it obvious how fast it actually has been. Some of the festivities of the season feel as if a damper has been put on them so getting too excited about Halloween is hard as it like much of this year will be a modest affair. We’ve been good on watching a healthy intake of seasonal films this month though which has been fun and having a theme felt special. We trudged through a hefty chunk of the Friday the 13th film series which was more bad than good but fun to critique more than anything. Last night was more a general crowd pleaser and return to form with Young Frankenstein (Jeremy’s pick). After a long trek through subpar slasher gore it was nice to genuinely laugh.

The snow falls outside. We miss the routine of going to the theater, many new releases that have come out are available on streaming but the ceremony of a new release is gone. It somehow doesn’t feel as right watching them at home. Gone is the anticipation of a night at the theater, heading out bundled in hopes that a big film was going to be good, talking on the way back home in the dark about opinions and if either of us liked it or not. Picking out a snack if in the mood… I like snacks and miss how a coke, popcorn and pouch of M&Ms tasted while waiting for a movie to start. Yes, those items are available outside of that space… But the way they taste their in that moment with those feelings can’t be duplicated. The mild salty and creamy taste of crisp popcorn, ripping open the candy, the slightly watered down flavor of the coke and spacing out sips as to not have to leave for a restroom break halfway through…

Did I say that it is snowing outside?

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